Etna from the Theater of Taormina, Woldemar Hermann

It is a very beautiful watercolor with delicate and tinge colors, like a dreamscape.
Woldemar Hermann after completing his architecture studies at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, he designed several buildings in Dresden and Leipzig.
In 1830 he presented a major project for the new Theater in Dresden, which however failed to prevail over Gottfried Semper’s competing proposal.
So Hermann used to travel Italy for study reasons: Venice, Florence, Siena, Perugia, Rome and Southern Italy.
With the revolution, in 1848, he abandoned his job as an architect to devote himself exclusively to painting.
Both in the architect and in the painter activity we find the fascination for the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, typical of the romantic artists of the 1800s.
Like most of the travelers on the Grand Tour in Italy, they used to carry out the study of landscapes with the watercolor technique, fast and practical. After returning home, he use those sketches and watercolors to make oil paintings on canvas.
Personally I think the watercolor Etna from the Theater of Taormina very rich and well done, difficult to classify it as a simple sketch.
I like to imagine that our Hermann arrived on the scene has been captured and enraptured by so much beauty.
I can see him sitting with his box of traveling watercolors deftly transferring his emotions to paper in a silence comparable only to the majesty of the landscape.
Autore: Woldemar Hermann (1807-1878)
Anno: 1864
Misure: cm L  63 x H 47
Tecnica: Acquerello su cartoncino
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